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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zim Desktop Wiki

I found a new program that is really good. It is under the GPL license of free to download and install on your computer and to freely distribute. I really like this application, for me it is like a great organizer.

It has an index side bar for folders that you create, a tag bar for your pages you create, a calendar plug-in, a browser plug-in to help create sub-pages and view files. The browser plug-in also can launch your documents with a right-click and then open. I use my Zim Desktop Wiki at work and it helps keeping up to date with tasks and keeping files in the PC I use organized. There are different types of markup that can be used, you can highlight text, italicize text, bold text, has built in heading for text. You can also create check boxes for to do list, create bullets list, create links to other pages and files. Much you can do with Zim Desktop Wiki.

Knowing that I use this at work, I can’t install anything to the PC at work so I use the PortableApps version on my USB HDD. I have many applications on my USB HDD with my PortableApps installed on it, one being my Zim Desktop Wiki application, from the site you and download the desktop version or the PortableApp version. Also there is a Linux version that I installed from the Ubuntu Software Center for my laptop.

Get it, try it, use it you will like it.

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